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How to convert more estate agent website visitors using property selling tips

As your audience grows often people will be engaged with your social media and familiar with your brand. However, you have still not managed to convert them to a lead and capture their email address.

The property selling tips funnel is designed to help you capture more leads. In return, potential vendors get a useful professional looking series of selling tips. In this example, it is delivered through a sequence of emails sent over several weeks. Alternatively, it can also be an ebook download if you prefer. The benefit of the email series is it gives you several ongoing chances to impress them.

In this help series, we will refer to marketing funnels as the main way to drive engagement. If you are unfamiliar with funnels read our article lead funnels for estate agency marketing.

The Basic Funnel Stages

The funnel starts after you have an engaged audience who are familiar with your brand and visiting your content regularly, either via your blog, website or existing social media audience. The tips should be promoted by various call to action (CTA) banners on your website.

To gain additional signups you should create a paid Facebook retargeting ad specifically to your engaged audience. Clicking the ad will take them to a dedicated landing page explaining more about the selling tips and what they will get if they sign up.

In addition to delivering the selling tips sequence through a series of emails, you should offer them the chance to subscribe to your newsletter. This will allow you to keep engaging them even after the series is complete.

The Funnel
Property Selling Tips FunnelThe main stages explained

1. Create an interesting series of property selling tips. 

The aim of the selling tips is to help potential vendors have the best possible experience when selling their home. By the end of the series, they should be confident you are the local property experts. Create a series of around 4-6 selling tips. Then use an email software for estate agents like Propology to deliver the sequence automatically to people over several weeks after they sign up.

Tip: Ideally keep the tips engaging and catered towards your typical audience. Consider linking to additional content on your website and also video content to make it more interesting.

2. Create banners to promote your selling tips. 

Cross promoting your selling tips on your existing channels is the best way to get free sign-ups. This could include banners on your website and property blog. Also any other vendor related pages.

3. Create a dedicated landing page to allow people to subscribe to your selling tips

You should have a dedicated landing page which is solely for them to sign up for your selling tips. It should explain the benefits and entice them to sign up.

Tip: GDPR is coming. Ensure you are clear and the lead agrees to your terms and conditions by affirmative action. Consider an additional tick box on the form to sign up for your newsletter.

4. Create a Facebook audience to retarget those who view your blog and selling pages but don’t sign up for your tips series.

If someone showed interest in your blog then they are closer to converting than someone who did not. Also, people who visit your selling page might be thinking of selling but not ready to sell yet. By targeting this group you can increase the chance of sign up for your tips series. Create a dedicated audience on Facebook for people who visited these pages. You can then can use this audience to run different ads to learn which one works best.

5. Create a Facebook audience to retarget those who view your sign-up page but don’t sign up. 

Again, a high percentage of people who view your sign-up page will leave without completing the form. You can create a Facebook audience and a sponsored ad to target this group and try to convince them to come back and sign up.

Tip: Keep this audience time sensitive to avoid overexposing someone to your ad.

6. Ensure those people who sign up are added to your tips series and tagged properly

Completing the form should automatically trigger a Thank You email and the first tip. It should be followed by the sequence of other tips either several days later or after they read each tip.

Tip: Properly recording who signed up, from what source and capturing their permission for GDPR purposes will allow you to properly manage this list into the future.

7. Cross promote your newsletter

Ensure your emails are at least 80% focused on useful tips. Towards the end consider adding a banner or message. It can either be to request a valuation or about joining your newsletter. If you manage to get them to join your newsletter then you can continue to market to them after the series has completed. By using a software like Propology you can make this content only show to people who have not previously registered.

Tip: Always make this a secondary priority otherwise you will cause them to unsubscribe or worse report you for abuse. The primary goal is to get them to learn about your brand and expertise through sharing helpful advice.


As you can see, the property selling tips is a great way to showcase your local knowledge and property expertise. Once set up it needs very little management, which is great news for those with less time.

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