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How to implement an instant online valuation funnel using Facebook and email marketing

When it comes to boosting your estate agency instant valuation leads it is hard to look past Facebook as a major marketing channel. In this article, we show you how to implement an instant online valuation funnel with Facebook and email marketing, and how to use it capture more valuation leads for your estate agency.

In this help series, we will refer to marketing funnels as the main way to drive engagement. If you are unfamiliar with funnels read our article lead funnels for estate agency marketing.

Not sure if using Facebook and instant valuations is for you? Check out our article How to generate more valuation leads using Facebook, instant online valuation tools and email marketing to learn more.


This funnel aims to attract new leads who may not be familiar with your brand and get them to engage. Once you have captured their interest the funnel uses a combination of re-marketing ads and a dedicated landing page to increase conversion rates.

After the lead signs up the funnel uses an email nurture series to continue to deliver valuable content to the lead, with the aim of putting your brand in the first place when they come to decide which agent to ask out for a valuation.

The Funnel
Facebook Instant Valuation Funnel

The main stages explained

1. Create a Facebook sponsored ad for your instant valuation tool. 

Your valuation tool alone probably won’t generate enough leads to grow your estate agency. In order to capture a wider audience, you need to promote it on your social media accounts to increase awareness and engagement. Start by creating a paid ad in your Facebook account that is aimed at sending people to your instant valuation tool to help you capture more leads.

Tip: Try to keep the ad simple and to the point. Ideally, add a local element to it, for example, the image. Experiment with multiple ads and audiences until you find what works best. You can also promote it on your website and on other social media channels for free.

2. Create a dedicated landing page for your valuation tool. 

Your instant valuation tool may already do this step for you. You need a dedicated landing page for them to get their instant valuation.

Tip: By having a dedicated page, you can increase the chance of conversion over using a busy page with many options. Study’s have shown people’s attention is typically seconds before they bounce back to Facebook.

3. Create a Facebook audience to retarget those who view your landing page but don’t convert

Not everyone who visits your landing page will convert. This is why you need a way to target these people directly. Using Facebook audiences allows us to target those people who visited pages on our site but did not convert.

Tip: With this specific group, you can use a more personal and relevant follow-up ad. This will require you to install your Facebook pixel on your website or instant valuation page. Speak to us if you need help.

4. Create a Facebook audience for those who convert

The aim of the next stage is securing a proper face to face valuation. We want to target those people who actually requested an instant valuation. You will need to create a specific advert tailored to this group.

Tip: Again, you can do this by either using the Facebook pixel or by uploading an email list. Create a custom audience for those people who received an instant valuation but have not yet converted.

5. Create an email nurture sequence and deliver a series of emails to keep them engaged and continue to demonstrate your value

Most people probably won’t go beyond requesting an instant valuation from you at this stage. That is why you need a way of keeping them engaged over time. Using an email sequence of helpful tips or relevant local market news you can keep them engaged and demonstrate further value and expertise. Explore our email marketing software for estate agents for a simple way to nuture your online valuation leads.

Tip: GDPR is coming. To make sure you remain compliant you will need to make it clear this is what will happen and be able to prove they agreed to it. To increase those who consent you will need to provide a compelling reason for them to give you permission.

6. Add promotional banners and other references to your email templates to direct them to your valuation booking page

Whilst the aim of your follow up emails should be to continue to provide value to them there is no harm adding your own banners and self-promotion as well to direct them to your valuation page and other services.

Tip: Try to think of the 80/20 rule as a minimum. So 80% of the content should be helpful and relevant. Leaving you the last 20% for a banner or Call To Action.

7. Remove any conversions from your Facebook audiences

To save money and avoid annoying your existing clients remember to remove any converted clients from each audience.


You should now be ready to start creating your own Facebook instant valuation funnel. Contact us today to receive more helpful tips and guidance on this and our other estate agency marketing funnels.

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