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Why does your estate agency need email marketing automation?

Why does your estate agency need email marketing automation?

Email marketing has changed. It's time to take a new approach.

For years people have miss understood how email can help their estate agency. Like many other outdated tactics it was used to push and advertise services. That is not to say email can’t help with these goals but what has changed is the approach.

Newsletters are no longer enough to create real engagement. Its time to redefine your content around the client journey through your estate agency. Focusing content on your clients needs. In return you will find you can reach your goals.

Below are some of the ways your estate agency can benefit from a new approach to your email marketing:

Increase valuation leads & drive conversions

Email marketing can help you capture valuation leads and nurture them until they are ready to reach out. Capture valuation leads as they visit your website in exchange for local area guides and advice. Impress valuation leads with your local market knowledge. 

Provide helpful advice on moving as part of a drip campaign to demonstrate your value. Explain your services, share reviews and other forms of social proof.

After the valuation make sure you follow up those undecided and lost valuations with relevant updates. Keep in touch with past clients and see if you can identify referral opportunities.

Start on the right foot

You know that getting properties presented in the best light is key to success. Help your vendors and landlords understand how they can help with helpful guides.

Prevent those problems caused by false expectations and poor communication. Let them know what you are going to deliver and what to expect over the coming weeks. Deliver content which prepares them for the highs and lows of selling their property. 

Finally make sure they know you are here for them if they need to reach out.

Speed up sales and reduce fall through rates

Help the sale process by making sure all parties know what they need to do. Educate them on the key steps to a smooth sale. Ensure they understand their responsibilities and those of their advisors.

Vary your marketing from longer articles to short well timed triggers like order your survey now to help speed up the sale process.

Avoid the blame problem where possible by sending clear well timed information. 

Connect and educate first time buyers

With so many applicants registering each day it can be hard to keep in touch and qualify them all. This is where email marketing can help.  Not all buyers are aware of the property buying process. They may need help organising finance, understanding the local area or simply knowing where to start.

Using email marketing you can create drip campaigns, help guides which educate them and build trust. In exchange for this advice you can identify who needs help and offer your services to a warm target audience.

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Attract good tenants

Tenant relationships are key to a healthy let. From preparing them to move in, to helping them plan their finances. A little advice can go a long way. Open the channel for communication by showing you are here to help.

Let them know their responsibilities. Make it clear how you expect maintenance and other important issues to be reported. By building a relationship of trust you can encourage tenants to reach out should they get into unforeseen difficulties.

Impress landlords

The lettings market has been constantly changing recently. Landlords come in different forms from accidental to serious businesses. By segmenting your landlords you can deliver different levels of support and advice.

Make sure they know letting a property is about much more than just advertising on Rightmove. Keep them abreast of changing legislation and make sure they know you are open to talk. When the time is right check to see if they have other properties or are thinking or further investment.

Capture better feedback

Capturing feedback at every opportunity is essential to helping you improve your estate agency service. However many clients are often reluctant or unwilling to comment.

Rather than just sending a survey at the end of the sale we advise you make it obvious to clients that you are always open to feedback. Using a combination of email signatures and dedicated emails we promote your feedback links making it quick and simple for your clients to give you feedback. By automating this process it can happen throughout the buying and renting process.

Online reviews are becoming increasingly important. The first step is to make sure you are confident in your service and have addressed the majority of your customer service issues. Then you can start to ask for other types of review such as Google reviews.

How to make your email marketing a success

Reinforce your brand

Apply custom branding to your templates. Even involve your own designers or purchase templates from places like theme forest. Make sure all emails carry your brand, contact details and other links.

Optimise for mobile

Emails are read on many devices with mobile becoming increasingly important. Make sure you test your emails work well on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Measure, measure and measure again

Knowing what is working is key to any activity you perform in your estate agency. Email marketing is no different. All of our accounts have basic click and open tracking. Create rules and automations based on who is engaged. Rework any content that is not delivering results or try a different channel or content type.

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