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90% of startups are reported as failing in the first ten years. Causing frustration and pain for the founders. We want to change that. 

Get 1:1 help to turn your ideas into traction, creating customer-focused digital products and services with impact. 

Let’s work together to deliver something great for your customers.

Create a winning digital product

Build loyal customer fans

Get marketing and sales working

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Helping founders create products & services using digital tech, that together make a difference in their customers' lives.

Done With You Services

Digital Growth Services
(Tom on your team)

Many SaaS founders and new tech entrepreneurs haven’t grown up in software companies or product led organisations. There are many minefields to watch out for. 

Our Digital Growth & Tech Support Service helps you by becoming a part of your team. From helping to design and create your product MVP together. To adding some experienced technical lead experience in putting together the pieces of your MVP. So you can get to market and start selling sooner. It’s all part of the digital growth services we can offer you. 

Speak to Tom about joining your team part-time on a contract basis to give you that extra support you need.

Startup Essentials

Coaching For Impact
Create & Promote Your Signature Coaching Programme

With so many people starting online courses online it can be easy to think it’s easy money. What they don’t tell you is, sadly without the right ingredients, no amount of tactics or effort are going to make your dream of helping people online come true. 

That’s why we started Coaching For Impact. To teach coaches and consultants how to create a digital business by first creating a signature programme that works, so they can impact the lives they want and grow their coaching business.

Support for You:

Startup Coaching Session


Customised 1-1 coaching specifically tailored to Founders and start-up business owners or course creators who are struggling with traction in their business and want their idea to grow. Get the support you need from a business coach that has been there and seen both sides and can hold a space for you and help fast track your success as you search for product market fit.

Startup Workshop


A high-impact deep dive one day workshop for startups that have been going for at least a year. Get help to take a step back and understand where your biggest opportunities might be for growth and review your success so far. You’ll leave with a clear roadmap and plan for where to focus your business next.

12 Week Coaching


A 12-Week Bootcamp created through working with startups to find what is and isn’t working with their digital product or service offering and discover what their customers really want and will pay for. Then creating a revised plan and starting to deliver on their customer value and generate more sales.

Startup Essentials


Free online resources to help early stage start-ups to launch their business faster. So they can spend more time speaking with potential customers, instead of worrying about websites, admin, software and other things slowing them down.

Not sure where to start?

Great idea but not getting traction?

We know how it feels when your startup idea is not working out like you hoped. Here’s what founders say to us:

  • We need more sales
  • Our marketing isn’t producing results
  • Our team are not fully aligned
  • We’ve made changes to our product but they aren’t working
  • We are running out of financial runway and it’s worrying
Startup Coach Tom Leach

hi, I'm Tom.

Nice to meet you! I’ve worked in tech businesses for nearly 20 years. Having co-founded a successful SaaS business in 2005 right when cloud was still becoming a thing. 

It was a great experience!

But I’ve also had failures too, especially when moving to online B2C businesses. I learnt so many lessons from this experience about what it takes to create a profitable business online.

I love people driven businesses with a strong cause that want to blend technology and service to make their customer’s lives better. 

Even our software business was ultimately about the customers we served with our product and our team culture to support them. 

If your start-up or coaching business is on a mission to create a difference through your digital product or online course, I want to help.

You deserve to have a growing business you enjoy

Three steps to success

Here’s how you can get the help and support you need:

1. Book A call

Book a free discovery call with Tom and let me know about your startup idea. In our 1:1 session together we explore your idea and where you want to go next with it.

Business Coach Call

2. Make a Plan & Take action

Nothing happens in our start-ups unless we make it happen. After your free discovery call we agree which path best suits you. We create a plan and you get support to make it happen.

3. Get Traction And Grow

Enjoy growing your business. Relax knowing you have a great business idea. Starting to delight your customer base and watching sales drop in allowing you to grow your business successfully.

Past Client Testimonials

“Working with Tom has been a great help. Tom has a way of asking the questions that prompt you to think about your problem in a different way and really teases the best out of that conversation.”
Aarran Ellis Sales Director
“Tom came to visit for the day and it was eye-opening! It gave us a chance to get an outsiders opinion on where we should be focussing our efforts. We came away with a set of action points and have been working our way successfully through them”
Steve Marks Founder WP Property Hive

Download Why Startup Founders Falling In Love With Their Ideas Leads To Failure (And A Framework To Fix It)

Download our free guide easy to read guide, that explains the top 3 frameworks used by start-ups to get faster success and generate more sales from happy customers: 

  • Discover the 3 best frameworks for getting traction in your start-up
  • Learn what pitfalls to avoid
  • Save potentially £1,000s in wasted effort and time